Child Custody In High-Asset Divorce

Child Custody In High-Asset Divorce

At The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. we have successfully handled many contentious, high-profile child custody cases in Tampa and throughout the state of Florida.


Custody And Shared Parenting In Florida

In the state of Florida, courts tend to favor a parenting plan that allows both parents to spend equal time with the child. If you believe that your child would be best served by spending more time with you, rather than your former spouse, you typically must prove it to the judge in your case.


It takes strong admissible evidence to demonstrate your superior fitness for parenting time — or your former partner’s weaknesses as a parent. Attorney Chris E. Ragano is recognized statewide as a seasoned litigator, having successfully helped many parents pursue their fair share of parenting time.


When an amicable resolution to a child custody dispute is not viable, contact The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. We have fought for and won favorable custody resolutions for clients throughout the state, and we have a reputation for being strong in litigation.

During a divorce, particularly when there are significant assets and child custody issues at stake, parents may go to desperate measures in order to influence child custody determinations. We frequently represent parents who have been unfairly accused of domestic violence, sexual abuse or other misconduct by their spouse in an effort to manipulate custody proceedings.

At The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. we have the experience necessary to handle all complex matters of child custody, including parental relocation. We are extremely knowledgeable in Florida’s custody laws and the courtrooms, giving us the legal knowledge and the practical experience to fight for the optimal solution in your case.

Contact An Experienced Child Custody Attorney For High-Asset Divorce


When your relationship with your children is on the line, do not leave your case up to fate. Contact proven, aggressive child custody lawyer Chris E. Ragano to arrange a consultation to learn more about your rights and options. From our office in Tampa, we serve clients across the state of Florida.


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